February 14, 2007

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 January, 2007

Dear member,

We are writing to ask for your help in fighting effective campaigns in the West Midlands. In short I am asking you to make a donation of only £3.10 to help David Cameron become the next Conservative Prime Minister.

That’s right. We are only asking for £3.10.

If every Conservative Party member in the West Midlands gave that small amount we would raise over £50,000 in one go. Money raised would be directed into the areas that matter: Target council grants, campaigning projects in key areas, professional campaigning support for Parliamentary and Council Candidates, training publications to help key activists campaign and fundraise effectively.

In short, we will put your money to good use in the West Midlands, no money donated would be spent on anything other than frontline activity.

Working together we can elect more Conservatives. We rely entirely on financial donations from our members and supporters and without these we would be unable to campaign effectively. So, your £3.10 could help us form the next government.

The enclosed donation form shows how we will use your donation to fund leaflets, events and canvassing, which drive a modern political campaign. Your donation will be put to good use immediately and help us to campaign effectively.

Thank you for your time and support, together we can win.

Yours truly,
Prue Winton
West Midlands Regional Chairman

PS. Every penny you give will help Conservatives in the West Midlands win elections.
If every member gives just £3.10, we will raise over £50,000.

The £3.10 Appeal: Helping Conservatives Win in the West Midlands West Midlands Conservatives, Coleshill Manor Campus, Birmingham Road, Coleshill, West Midlands B46 1DLh


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