February 14, 2007

Establishing the Building Blocks of the Future

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Campaign Centres – Campaigning to Win

As we move forward in 2007 with our plans to create a number of new Group offices and Campaign Centres across the West Midlands, we are looking to ensure that every one starts off with the right equipment. We are launching an appeal to members, donors, supporters and businesses to help us. I have listed below our requirements, a computer costs £400 but a ream of paper costs less than £2.00.

We have already started this appeal and Phil King, our Regional Director of Fundraising has brought in a donation of £1,000 to help. We have pledges of 80 reams of paper. Perhaps, some will say that this is a small and inefficient way of equipping our offices but it is involving everyone in our growth. We are raising money to help fund the employment of staff but equipment is vital and this is a way of a large number of people being involved in the process of the Conservative Party moving forward.

Computers – £400 each
20 required

Printers – £300
11 required

Stamps – 23 pence
5,000 2nd class

Chairs – 36 required

Desks – 17 required

Stationery – £2.00 per ream
200 reams of paper

If you can help, please call Sandra Gillett on 01675 436929.

Thank you for helping us, help form the next Conservative Government.

Darren Mott
Regional Director – West Midlands


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